Pharmacy Services Coordinator

- New Hyde Park, NY
Posted: July 20, 2022
Job Description

Job Description

Collaborates with members of inter-professional team, payers, patients, and families to promote timely access to medications. Provides pharmacy benefits investigation, coordination of financial assistance and facilitation of prior authorizations, as required.

Job Responsibility

* Collaborates with inter-professional team to enhance communication, coordinate care, and improve patient satisfaction.
* Serves as front line subject matter expert on outpatient pharmacy services, prescription insurance benefits, and financial assistance.
* Coordinates with stakeholders to ensure timely access to medications.
* Partners with patients to determine most appropriate sources for their medication needs and refers patients to appropriate programs and resources.
* Reviews prescriptions with outpatient pharmacies to confirm which medications need to be dispensed and provides necessary timeline for dispensing.
* Resolves insurance related issues and coordinates prior authorization requirements.
* Identifies financial assistance (e.g., manufacturers' assistance, copay assistance, vouchers) programs to reduce out of pocket expenses for patients.
* Exhibits exceptional customer service during interactions with patients, caregivers, and other health care professionals.
* Provides routine feedback with respect to program impact and areas for improvement to site and organizational leadership.
* Performs related duties as required. All responsibilities noted here are considered essential functions of the job under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Duties not mentioned here, but considered related are not essential functions.

Job Qualification

* High School Diploma or equivalent required.
* 1-3 years of relevant experience, required. Previous pharmacy experience, highly preferred.
* Flexibility to work varying shifts within the hours of operation at the site.

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New Hyde Park, NY

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